Release 2.23.0-beta

New features Lock nodes based on conditions (#348) Merge lock conditions and permissions into the same tab called “Access” The only condition at this point is other nodes being marked as complete Make nodes that are locked appear locked and not clickable unless user can edit tapestry Show tooltip telling the user what needs to […]

Release 2.18.0-beta

New features New content types Add Gravity Form as a content type (#277) Add WordPress Post as a content type (#289) Add quizzes / assessments Add End Screen and Quiz (Gravity Form + H5P Audio) (#211) Mark answer types as answered after quiz completion (#244) Change back arrow in quiz screen to go back to […]

Release 2.11.0-beta

New features Add option to mark a video as not skippable if not watched at least once (#145, #168) Add “authenticated” permission row (#165) Improved external link UX to show link preview and open in new window (#157) Mark nodes as completed when they are opened / fully watched (#178) Add option to tapestry to […]

Release 2.10.0-beta

Auto-layout feature, bug fixes, and improvements to the authoring and viewing experience, especially when viewing a tapestry with few nodes New features Add Tapestry Settings modal for auto-layout and custom background (#144) Bug fixes and enhancements Showing “Video” instead of “H5P” type when editing node (#159) Put constraints on node placement and size so it […]

Release 2.9.0-beta

New features Add URL Embed node type (#114) Allow deleting nodes and links (#106) Add new node appearance options (#105) Make thumbnail optional when adding / editing node (#109) Bug fixes Fixed issue with nodes appearing out of bounds (#130) Fixed root node being very large on creation (#131) Fixed root node disappearing issue (#129) […]

Release 2.6.0-beta

A lot of bug fixes in this release, along with a streamlined authoring experience and new capabilities, plus some visual improvements New features Allow editing of node permissions (#82) Allow adding of description for a node (viewing not yet possible) (#80) Add new “text” node type (#79) Enhancements Streamlining of the node add/edit modal to […]

Release 2.5.0-beta

New features Edit existing nodes (frontend and backend) Link existing nodes to eachother Add permissions options to Add Node modal Bug fixes Root node disappears when traversed from Duplicated title appearing on resize node Code improvements Refactor backend to be more object-oriented (backend)

Release 2.4.0-beta

New features Authoring features This release contains the first authoring tool for V2 of Tapestry. Feature: Allow author to add, edit, and delete tapestries from WP admin Allow author to add video nodes to a tapestry (using a pop-up to define node details) Allow author to lock nodes and define the time in the parent […]