Release 2.11.0-beta

New features

  • Add option to mark a video as not skippable if not watched at least once (#145, #168)
  • Add “authenticated” permission row (#165)
  • Improved external link UX to show link preview and open in new window (#157)
  • Mark nodes as completed when they are opened / fully watched (#178)
  • Add option to tapestry to disallow the user from moving icons with drag (#173)
  • Save and retrieve h5p audio recording per user per node (#155)
  • Add end screen to videos with “Replay” and “Close” buttons (#182)
  • Add option to maximize video size to fit in the window (#177)

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Improve performance related to depth and getChildren function (#162) …
  • Fixed problems with permissions (#166)
  • Hide video duration when non-video / no duration (#170)
  • Delete associated links when deleting a node (#175)

Code improvements

  • Refactored Lightbox to Vue (#156)
  • Use Vuex for state management and more code simplification (#184)
  • Add SASS and utilize it in all components (#204)