Release 2.18.0-beta

New features

New content types

  • Add Gravity Form as a content type (#277)
  • Add WordPress Post as a content type (#289)

Add quizzes / assessments

  • Add End Screen and Quiz (Gravity Form + H5P Audio) (#211)
  • Mark answer types as answered after quiz completion (#244)
  • Change back arrow in quiz screen to go back to question screen (#276)
  • Add quiz confirmation screen (#280)

UX Enhancements

  • Select H5P and Gravity Forms from a searchable dropdown instead of typing in ID (#233)
  • Disabled Autocomplete for Gravity Forms (#295)
  • Changed media button icon for text to “Aa” (#292)

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Fill node progress bar to 100% when non-video node is viewed (#241)
  • Fix issues related to new nodes not being movable properly
  • Fix issue with the links drawn between nodes being positioned off
  • Change thumbnail fetching to be called during node add/edit rather than during first render
  • Fix H5P end screen issues (#248)
  • Fix display issue with root node button
  • Remove outline from node modal elements
  • Fix issue where editing or adding a node was causing it to play at the same time
  • Fix issue with progress bar not being hidden when requested

Code improvements

  • Refactor lightbox to allow media reusability (#301)
  • Add Vue router and control lightbox with URL instead (#282)
  • Refactor Gravity Form component to be independent and reusable (#279)
  • Refactor H5P iframe on master (#252)
  • Lint code and add automatic linting (#222, #228, #262, #275, #294)
  • Move lightbox state into vuex, improve lightbox functionality and simplify
  • Add some useful functions for use in TYDE and potentially other uses
  • Migrate useful TYDE features to master (#256)
  • Misc. code improvements and removing unused code
  • Fix an issue causing console errors when closing video
  • Remove unnecessary variables from tapestry.js
  • CSS cleanup