Release 2.32.0-beta

New Features


  • Show a sidebar to show node meta information when selecting a node (#537)
  • Currently displays: node title, description, license, and references

License and references

  • Allow author to add a license and references for each node (#539)
  • Show license and references in the sidebar

Browser check

  • Show message if user’s browser cannot run tapestry properly (#721)

Enhancements and Fixes

Authoring updates

  • Do not allow non-admins to add tapestries (#676)
  • Keep node authors on import (#666)
  • Automatically remove nodes that are not in links from dataset in frontend (#697 / #727)
  • Deleting nodes no longer refreshes the page (#718)
  • Updating some settings no longer requires a refresh to take place (#718)

Visual improvements

  • Show a translucent thumbnail even if node is selected or locked (#729)
  • Always show media button and add/edit buttons if permitted (#718)
  • Improve animation of nodes (#718)

Misc. bug fixes

  • Author filter showing even if not available (#719)
  • Formatted text area list items are double spaced (#720)
  • Tapestry nodes displaying oddly after a refresh when a node is open (#685)
  • Tapestry not loading due to neighbour calculation algorithm (#695)
  • Tapestry reloads when the settings modal opens (#672)
  • Tapestry max depth is calculated incorrectly (#693)
  • Progress bar is sometimes invisible on H5P content (#688)
  • Typo with #655 causing WP post nodes not to load

Code Improvements

  • Completely rewrite the oldest part of the code dealing with the nodes and links (using D3.js) in Vue (#718)
  • Move NodeModal and related functionality (incl. Add/Edit Node) from Tapestry.vue up to App.vue
  • Remove Cypress and Vue out of Docker and improve setup speed (#706)
  • Improve Cypress so tests can run individually and are better organized (#512)