Release 2.4.0-beta

New features

Authoring features

This release contains the first authoring tool for V2 of Tapestry.

  • Feature:
    • Allow author to add, edit, and delete tapestries from WP admin
    • Allow author to add video nodes to a tapestry (using a pop-up to define node details)
    • Allow author to lock nodes and define the time in the parent video when they unlock/appear
    • Allow author to force-view the locked nodes when editing
    • Editing nodes and linking nodes not yet available

User features

  • Save user progress to database in WordPress every 5 seconds
    • Still saves user progress to cookie if used outside of WP
  • Allow locking nodes and hide locked nodes
  • Pop-up (and unlock) nodes on the side as video plays
  • Allow user to change depth of tapestry using a slider

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes

For more information, please refer to the release notes on Github here and here.