Release 2.6.0-beta

A lot of bug fixes in this release, along with a streamlined authoring experience and new capabilities, plus some visual improvements

New features

  • Allow editing of node permissions (#82)
  • Allow adding of description for a node (viewing not yet possible) (#80)
  • Add new “text” node type (#79)


  • Streamlining of the node add/edit modal to provide better authoring experience
  • Improvements to the visual look of the tool and how a tapestry fits into the screen

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug where nodes shrink on window resize (#74)
  • Fix a bug where creating root node in tapestry required refresh (#73)
  • Fix a bug where user progress was not being fixed and node unlocking would not save (#70)
  • Fix a bug causing progress not to appear sometimes
  • Fix a bug that shows some nodes that are not supposed to show
  • Fix a bug causing just-created root node not to appear if the permissions cannot be set
  • Fix a visual bug that was showing a halo inside some grandchild-level nodes
  • Fix some issues related to nodes not unlocking sometimes

Code improvements

  • Improve naming and ordering of some variables and functions to be more clear (backend)