Release 2.9.0-beta

New features

  • Add URL Embed node type (#114)
  • Allow deleting nodes and links (#106)
  • Add new node appearance options (#105)
  • Make thumbnail optional when adding / editing node (#109)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with nodes appearing out of bounds (#130)
  • Fixed root node being very large on creation (#131)
  • Fixed root node disappearing issue (#129)
  • Fix unauthorized bug with vue js usage (#116)

Code improvements

  • Move authoring tool to Vue JS app for improved long-term maintainability and reduced bugs (#147)
  • Remove jquery and use bootstrap vue instead of bootstrap
  • Use bootstrap vue for modals instead of custom template files
  • Improve tapestry initialization to ensure backward compatibility (#127)
  • Merge tapestry-d3 into this repo
  • Clean Up Vue Modal Styling (#112)