Release 2.23.0-beta

New features

Lock nodes based on conditions (#348)

  • Merge lock conditions and permissions into the same tab called “Access”
  • The only condition at this point is other nodes being marked as complete
  • Make nodes that are locked appear locked and not clickable unless user can edit tapestry
  • Show tooltip telling the user what needs to be done to unlock a given node

Role-based Permissions (#394)

  • Add roles as rows in Access tab under permissions
  • Ensure nodes get filtered as per access set by role

Enhancements and Fixes


  • Improve video appearance in accordion (#378)
  • Limit video height to be less than lightbox and/or accordion row height
  • Scroll to accordion row when completed
  • Allow reordering accordion rows (#414)
  • Add Ordering tab to authoring tool
  • Order accordion rows as per ordering tab
  • Add support for subaccordions (#389)
  • Change accordion progress to be computed dynamically (#376)
  • Bug fix: Accordion row nodes not hidden sometimes (#351)


  • Allow author to customize confirmation page for activity questions (#392)
  • Allow showing of answer to a previous activity before an activity (#385)
  • Add switch to turn on showing answer to a previous activity (optional)
  • Allow author to select the activity and set a text to show before the answer
  • Show answer to a previous activity if set so by the author (and available)


  • Bug fix: Gravity form checkboxes were not correctly re-populated if already answered (#407)
  • Bug fix: Issue with undefined variables popping up after latest merges
  • Bug fix: External Links opening in new window not being created (#417)
  • Bug fix: H5P video progress and completed flag not working
  • Bug fix: Quiz completed flag saving and retrieval for progress (#374)
  • Bug fix: Cannot open node if only media button is hidden (#356)
  • Bug fix: Unchecking “Add quiz” removes questions now
  • Visual improvements to file upload component
  • Visual improvements to modals
  • Utilize file upload component for tapestry background, Video URL
  • Bug fixes related to old code not removed
    Skip answer options if there is only one answer option (#405)

Code improvements

  • Remove view mode functionality (obsolete / outdated)

Improve and add new automated tests (#363)

  • Add new test stubs to have more complete coverage (node management, video, appearance)
  • Improve test speed through login endpoint
  • Add endpoints for tapestry addition/deletion
  • Add type definitions to cypress tests
  • Add README file, make setup easier, and force-refresh assets
  • Make Gravity Forms optional