Release 2.30.0-beta

New Features

Add text field toolbar to all large text fields using tiptap (#597)

  • New formatting options include bold, italic, underline, code, and 3 heading sizes
  • Can now add ordered and unordered lists, links, quotes, and line breaks
  • Feature to undo/redo changes in the text field
  • Ensure all previous saving and display mechanisms are maintained (backward compatible)

Reduce clutter of nodes displayed to author in a large tapestry

  • Add new “Show me all nodes by default” toggle to settings (default: on)
  • Disabling this option hides nodes that have the “read” permission off – even for editors / admins
  • Editors and admins can use the author filter to view such hidden nodes, one author at a time

Add progress support for users that are not logged in (#618)

  • Previously, user progress was only being saved when logged in
  • Progress for non-authenticated users are now saved in local storage

Other authoring features

  • Add settings for author to set default tapestry depth (#554)
  • Allow creation of tapestry using a shortcode (#599)

Enhancements and Fixes

File upload improvements (#570)

  • Do not allow forms to be submitted while a file is uploading
  • Improve file upload progress bar, cancelling logic, and error handling
  • Bug fix: File upload error does not appear
  • Allow drag and drop on file upload fields (#626)
  • Bug fix: Unable to load submit button in node modal (#636)

Fix issues with WordPress posts inside tapestry

  • WordPress Post node type only searches within the first 10 posts (#667)
  • Cache posts list to improve speed related to fetching posts
  • Bug fix: WordPress content titles become distorted in Tapestry (#651)

Other enhancements

  • Randomized new node coordinates such that new nodes do not overlap (#631)
  • Optimize path calculation function for improved speed (#669)

Other bug fixes

  • Bug fix: Video thumbnail duration showing decimals (#635)
  • Bug fix: Cannot link locked nodes (#585)
  • Bug fix: Permissions showing unchecked for “Editor” role (#593)
  • Bug fix: Tooltips at the Top of a Tapestry Get Hidden (#596)
  • Bug Fix: Tapestry disappears when lightbox is opened after filter (#665)
  • Bug fix: Duplicate tapestry name reverts when tapestry is saved (#657)

Code Improvements

  • Refactor tyde and master branches to minimize conflicts (#587)
  • Reconcile code differences between master and TYDE
  • Lint files using symfony ruleset
  • Fix webpack hot reload so page doesn’t refresh after Vue code changes (Hallelujah!) (#644)
  • Delete obsolete/duplicate YoutubeMedia.vue (#647)